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Discover How Becky FISHER Found Her Perfect Career At WeCare Dental, Peterborough

Former dental receptionist rises to practice manager, then qualified dental nurse under the mentorship of leading dentist in Peterborough

Making a difference in the health of patients and of the planet is what drives her.


When Becky Fisher wasn’t riding her bike, she was helping out with the horses at the local stables. This is how she remembers her childhood, growing up on the outskirts of Peterborough. Living in a small village, life was also about family and friends. Later on, Becky’s career took her into a local dental practice, where she worked as a receptionist. After a couple of years, she was offered the chance to train as a dental nurse. She leapt at it. Her mentor was the co-founder of the most clinically advanced dental practice in Peterborough, WeCare Dental’s Dr Morne Williams. 

Becky Fisher qualified with the NEBDN and gained the National Diploma in Dental Nursing in 2016. Today she is Practice Manager and Dental Nurse at WeCare Dental, Peterborough. And, she couldn’t be happier. “It’s the perfect profession for me. I want to help people to be healthier.” 

Becky is also passionate about the health of the planet. And if she had an all-powerful magic wand, right now she would remove all plastic from the oceans. Then, she’d develop a material that could benefit the environment and be mass-produced.  


Which treatments are popular right now?

Implant procedures are gaining more popularity now. Technology has come a long way and the public is more aware of it. Discover more about implants.

Which age group is seeking these treatments?

I believe the patients seeking this type of procedure are in the age group of 50+. In some cases though the age of the patient can be younger due to certain circumstances.


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What advice would you offer to nervous patients?

Firstly, everyone in the dental team is here to help. And, we truly understand why patients feel nervous about coming to visit a dentist. 

This is what I tell patients: Allow yourself time to get to know the team at the dental practice. They will always be happy to chat with you. Also, give your dentist the time to get to know you. This way they can tailor any treatment for you at a pace you’re comfy with. It’s the best way to feel reassured by your dental care.

What advice would you give patients prior and post the procedures in which you specialise?

For our specialist treatments, we adhere to a strict protocol with advice for patients pre and post-op. Members of the dental team involved in these procedures are trained to give this advice to the patients. Some examples of the advice we give prior to implant procedures are: wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. This is because you can be lying in the same position for a while. Eat before the procedure unless advised otherwise.  Ensure you have someone to go home with or home to after your procedure. For post-op advice, we provide some specific cleaning procedures. We also ensure the patient leaves with our post-op bag. It has essential items for their dental care and our contact details just in case of any questions and emergencies.


Dentistry has changed radically over the past few decades – what is the most significant change you’ve seen when comparing the dental experiences of your childhood to those you’ve experienced or witnessed at WeCare Dental?

For me, it’s the technology that has come so far since I was a child.  Now I work alongside dentists who place implants! I had zero knowledge about this as a child. I’m constantly amazed at how dentistry has advanced since going to my old dentist all those years ago.

What is the most impressive state-of-the-art technology currently offered by WeCare Dental?

We have many state-of-the-art technologies in the practice currently, but my favourite has to be the digital scanner.  It takes impressions of the mouth. As a dental nurse, having the use of a digital scanner to take impressions is great. You cant even compare the experience to mixing the impression materials, which can be messy for us and uncomfortable for the patient. Read more about next-level technology.

In your opinion, what makes WeCare Dental different?

WeCare Dental is different from other dental practices in that even though we’re newly established, we are like a family. But with so many years experience in dentistry between us all, we’re able to provide excellent dental health care. And, we’ll be forever learning and growing our skills to achieve best practice!

What’s the worst mistake people make when it comes to oral/dental care?

Not taking the advice on simple preventative care from the dentist or hygienist leading to tooth loss later on.

Patients rate our services. Read all the reviews for excellent hygienists.

Your top tip/s for healthy teeth and gums?

Brush for two minutes twice a day, don’t forget to brush your gums as well as your teeth! Floss your teeth or use interdental brushes in the evening before you brush. It’s a great way of removing that plaque that has built up during the day.

Becky, sidaway, dentist, Peterborough, wecare, dental, nurse, practice, manager, career


Dental Nurse and Practice Manager at  WeCare Dental Surgery in Peterborough.

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