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Dental Implants: 12 Top Questions Answered By Experts

What’s a dental implant? Is it painful? Are dental implants permanent? Can they replace or work with your dentures? How long does it take to heal after dental implants? What about aftercare? Experts at WeCare Dental, Peterborough answer all your questions. 

Loose or badly fitting dentures? Can’t bite into an apple or have loose teeth? Consider dental implants.

What Is A Dental Implant & Is it Permanent?

Pretty much like natural teeth, dental implants have a root made from titanium, which is connected to an abutment and a white visible portion, called a crown. They’re inserted into the jaw bone and become a permanent fixture.

Are Dental Implants Painful?

Local anesthetic is used, which invariably results in a pain-free procedure. Also, the implant is placed in the jaw bone, which itself does not have any nerves to register pain. The adjacent teeth need not be drilled or altered, so that’s another thing that cuts down on the discomfort. 

 A gum incision is required and here, some recovery time is needed. However, with dental implants, most patients report that recovery is generally more smooth sailing than with many other dental procedures. After effects may include some bruising and swelling and perhaps a dull ache, usually dealt with by over-the-counter analgesics. 

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Dental Implants?

Experts advise that to be safe when you choose a date for your implant placements, allow yourself up to ten days when you can free yourself up from important social and work engagements.  Remember that your recovery will also depend on the number of implants you have and the nature of your case. 

Can Dental Implants Replace Dentures?

Yes, definitely! And they are an improvement on traditional dentures,” says WeCare Dental’s Dr. Morné Williams. For a start, standard dentures without implants can cause the loss of natural bone. With implants, the natural bone is preserved. 

Unlike standard dentures, with dental implants you get teeth you don’t have to remove, and they don’t cover your entire gum area.

“We insert 4 implants and also fit you with a natural-looking arch of teeth. This is not a typical removable denture, instead it’s attached to these 4 implants and feels comfortable enough to eat anything! You can even bite into an apple.” says Dr. Wayne Carolissen of WeCare Dental, Peterborough.

WATCH WeCare Dental Patient Sharon Stimson Bite Into an Apple with New 1-Day Dental Implants

Can Dental Implants Work In Conjunction With Dentures?

“Yes, in fact, they are the perfect solution for uncomfortable and loose dentures that make it difficult to talk and chew,” says Dr. Morné Williams. He explains that this includes one denture, two implants, and two locators to snap your denture into place. The result: no more nuisance dentures that slip around. This means you can eat what you like with comfort and confidence AND your natural bone is preserved. You can be fitted for the Zest Locator Retained Denture.

Can I Get An Implant For A Single Tooth?

Yes, dental implants can replace a single tooth and are a far better solution than a  filling or crown. For a start, they last longer and can be inserted without damaging your adjacent teeth. The fact that a dental implant allows you to chew properly again also improves your comfort and in addition reduces long-term damage from wear and tear to the surrounding teeth.  

Implants do also support crowns and/or bridges as well as partial dentures.

Get Answers to 6 FAQs about single tooth implants in Peterborough

How to Look After Your Dental Implants

Unlike teeth, dental implants cannot get tooth decay, however, like normal teeth, dental implants do need a healthy environment. This is because like teeth, dental implants can be badly affected by gum problems. Just as teeth with untreated gum problems can become loose and fall out, the same is true of implants. Any tooth decay or gum problems need to be alleviated before implants are inserted to give them the best opportunity for success. Daily cleaning is as important with implants as it is with teeth. Keeping implants clean of plaque is as important as keeping teeth free of plaque. This could involve the use of a special brushing method, toothpicks and little “bottle” brushes. Your dentist will brief you after your procedure. 

How Does Alcohol Delay Healing?

Having dental implants inserted into the jaw bone means that there is inevitably trauma to the bone and healing requires a good supply of blood. If you consume alcohol, it can lead to the presence of increased fat in the blood. This fat can clog the blood vessels in the bone, which not only impairs healing, but can cause ultimate starvation and death of bone tissue. 

The most critical healing time is in the 72-hour period following your dental implant surgery. Drinking alcohol during this time has been shown to delay the body’s natural healing process, especially new blood vessel formation. 

How Does Smoking Delay Healing?

Smoking has been shown to impair blood vessel formation which will not only delay healing of the jaw bone after dental implant insertion, but could lead to bone tissue starvation and necrosis (death of the tissue).

What About Follow-up Appointments?

According to the experts at WeCare Dental, Peterborough, it’s important that any problems with dental implants are detected early – this means regular maintenance check-ups, which include x-rays should be part of your ongoing aftercare. “Problems, if detected early, are more easily treated,” says Dr. Morne Wiliams. He adds that Check-ups may be advisable three, four, or six-monthly.

How Do You Know If You’re A Candidate For Dental Implants?

If you have missing or loose teeth or trouble with uncomfortable ill-fitting dentures, dental implants may be your solution

When Are Implants Not An Option? 

Implants can only be placed if there is enough bone present in the jaw. When teeth are lost the bone around the teeth gradually dissolves away. If too much bone has been lost it is sometimes possible to grow bone in its place.

What Do The Dentists Say?

“The wonderful thing about dental implants is the freedom they bring to patients,” says Dr. Wayne Carolissen. Technology is now so advanced, you can get a full set of upper and lower teeth in just one day. 

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

The cost depends on various factors. WeCare Dental in Peterborough invites you to come and see if dental implants are right for you. “Meet with us at WeCare Dental in Peterborough and our team will evaluate to see if you are a good fit for this procedure. We will discuss your goals, concerns, take some digital images, and review total treatment costs as well,” says Dr. Wayne Carolissen. 

For more info and to book an appointment see Teeth-In-A-Day .

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