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5 Things Making Dental News This Week

Dental News: Every week, we bring you the latest trends, treatments and research in dentistry, plus insights and tips from the Pros at WeCare Dental Peterborough

29 August 2020

In dental news this week: the link between your oral health and IBS; The top 7 foods for healthy teeth; 19 Potential dental hazards to avoid and a playlist to relax nervous patients; PLUS: Meet Peterborough home girl, Paula Cartey – a Dental Nurse and Receptionist.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome And Your Oral Health

A new collaborative study implies that IBD or Irritable Bowel Syndrome could be linked to gum disease. Research into the Microbiomes in the mouth and gut offer clues to inflammation. Read more.

7 Foods On The Menu for Healthy Teeth

The top foods to build healthy teeth and preserve the correct pH in your mouth. And guess what? The list includes chocolate! Get the full list. 

Avoid These 19 Potential Dental Disasters

Tongue piercings, chewing ice, cough drops and potato chips are all potential tooth enemies. Find out what to avoid to maintain a dazzling smile, healthy gums and fresh breath. Read more.

Are you scared of the dentist? 

Relax with your very own playlist of beautiful music to take on your next dental appointment. Click here.


Every week, our team reviews some of the latest news, trends, findings, new research and advice from our own #DentalHeroes to bring you a weekly report with ideas and insights for your dental health.

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