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Facial Aesthetics

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More than dental: Wrinkle reduction, super-safe dermal fillers, threading and facelifts – WeCare Dental also offers advanced facial aesthetics treatments in Peterborough

Facial Aesthetics & Rejuvenating Treatments

Facial threading lifts. Rejuvenating treatments. Lips, nose and cheeks. Looking young and rejuvenated has never been easier. With our in-house practitioner, WeCare Dental offers some of the best facial aesthetics treatments done right here in our Peterborough surgery.

Aesthetics by Dr Wayne Carolissen

You may already know Dr Carolissen as a practising Dental Surgeon since 1988. But did you know that he also trained in facial aesthetics under the internationally-acclaimed Professor Bob Khanna?

Dr Carolisen has been practising Facial Aesthetic Enhancements since 2007. And he now offers advanced facial enhancement procedures right here at the WeCare practice in Peterborough.

For Dr Carolissen, every facial enhancement treatment hinges on proper assessment, safety, using superior quality products and practising good after-care.

Advanced Non-Surgical Wrinkle Reduction

We offer various anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing treatments that target deep lines, wrinkles and the signs of ageing. And the best part is all our treatments are safe and effective alternatives to expensive, invasive surgery.

Discreet Hyperhidrosis Treatments

Hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating. And our treatments can help drastically reduce sweating in a safe and effective way that’s not invasive at all.

Advanced New Dermal Fillers

WeCare also offers dermal filler treatments for nose, mouth, lines and cheeks. And we use a much safer and more effective Hyaluronan filler option. Hyaluronan occurs in the body – it just decreases over time as we get older. So we reintroduce it and you can see the effects almost immediately. The best part? Every treatment lasts for 6–12 months and it’s a much more cost-effective alternative to invasive surgery and facelifts.

And there are no needles involved! We mainly administer dermal fillers using a cannula technique, which is a safer and more effective alternative to the traditional needle technique.

Facial Thread Lifting

Thread Lifting or threading is an innovative and less invasive alternative to traditional cosmetic surgery. With this new method, you do not have to worry about ugly scars or long recovery times. But you will still achieve an excellent facial enhancement result.

You might feel slightly swollen immediately after the procedure, but most people feel perfectly able to go straight back to their usual routine. Threading and thread lifting is only performed by qualified trained doctors in registered clinics.

Comprehensive Consultations

You should know that any cosmetic procedures carry an element of risk. We do our best to ensure your safety by offering a very comprehensive consultation with all patients before we commit to any treatments.

Facial Aesthetic Treatment Prices

  • Wrinkle Reduction Treatments
  • £ 190
    • Frown lines (single area) £190
    • Frown lines and Forehead £255
    • Frown line, Forehead and Crows Feet £285
    • More than 3 areas £310
    • For hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) both armpits £450
  • Dermal Fillers
  • £ 260
    • Upper Lip Contouring £260
    • Lower Lip Contouring £260
    • Upper and Lower Lip Contouring £480
    • Heart Lips £650
    • Nose to Mouth Line £265 (charge per line)
    • Tear Trough £350 (charge per side)
    • Cheek Filler £350 (charge per side)
  • Facial Augmentation
  • £ 380
    • Chin Augmentation from £380
    • Jawline Augmentation from £550
    • Nose Augmentation from (Rhinoplasty) £500
    • Dorsal Hump £390

    Facial Thread Lifting

    • Prices from £900 to £1800
    • Book free consultation for discussion and quotation

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