WeCare Dental provides a comprehensive list of services across the board to ensure that you are empowered to look after your teeth and care for you smile.
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General Dentistry

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From crowns and veneers to fillings, emergencies and dentures – and teeth whitening too! – discover why we’re fast becoming the first choice for family dentistry in Peterborough

Crowns & Bridges

Digital Dentistry

No Impressions, No Temporaries, All Done In One Visit

The Newest 3D Technology That Can Do Porcelain Crowns, Inlays, Onlays, And Veneers In One Visit. We take an IMAGE of your tooth with a special mini-camera. We design your tooth on the computer screen in front of you while you watch. Your tooth gets made in our 3D Printer in the practice. This is a special “milling unit” that makes just teeth out of porcelain.

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We use a camera instead of messy impressions

After we prepare your tooth, we use this ultra precise camera that takes a digital image of your tooth. This eliminates the need for messy putty and impression materials that most people hate. This image takes into account of exactly how your tooth should look, and how your bite should feel. The image is then uploaded to a computer that's specific for designing your teeth.

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3-D Printer Mills Your Tooth in Less Than 12 minutes While You Wait

Two specialized diamond burs or points actually mill the tooth that we designed from a block of solid porcelain while you wait. This milling is done fully outside of your mouth and in our office. We don't have to send anything to a dental lab, because the 3-D Tooth printer literally ``prints out`` your tooth in less than 12 minutes. Note- you can choose the color of porcelain that you want your tooth to be milled from. We have full control of this entire process.

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We cement in your new permanent tooth, and you are set to go!

No temporaries, and no second appointment! Of course, you can schedule one with us to have it checked to ensure everything is in order, but you won't need one because you won't have a temporary! You'll leave with your permanent crown or inlay...whatever you got done.

Porcelain Veneers

Need Porcelain Veneers, Crowns, Or A Smile Makeover… 

We use a new digital software system to show you your results before you get any cosmetic dentistry done.

See how we can resolve spaces, alignment, and color concerns with very conservative cosmetic treatments.

Start Feeling Great About Your Teeth. It Doesn’t Have To Be Painful, Expensive, And Complicated. 

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Free Smile Makeover Consultation

When done right, a smile makeover may include porcelain veneers and crowns. They are one of the most conservative ways to restore your smile back to the color, size, and shape you want.

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See Your Results TODAY

Our imaging software easily simulates whitening, veneers, replacing missing teeth with bridges or implants, perio surgery and much more.

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Veneers are thin

Veneers are the thinnest restorations that actually sit on top of your natural teeth to give them a personalized look and feel specifically for you.

General Dentistry Pricing

  • Examination & Hygiene
  • £ 69
    • Consultation: new patient £69 (incl. bitewings xrays)
    • Emergency consultation: £120 out of hours / non registered
    • Routine examination £42 (39 FROM 1 APRIL 2020)
    • Hygiene treatment: 30 minutes £69
    • Hygiene treatment: 45 minutes £75
    • X-Ray: Panoral £45
    • X-Ray: Small £14 each
    • CT Scan £175
  • Dentures
  • £ 520
    • Full Upper and Full Lower £960
    • Full Upper OR Full Lower £650
    • Partial Acylic Denture £520
    • Partial Valplast Denture £750
    • Chrome Partial Denture £950
    • Sports Mouth Guard £115
  • Crowns & Bridges
  • £ 545
    • Porcelain Bonded Crown From £545
    • Porcelain Crown From £590
    • Ceramic Crown £580 ( fitted on same day)
    • Bridge (per unit) From £560
    • Veneers From £399
    • Lumineers From £685
  • Other Services
  • £ 395
    • Teeth Whitening £395 (home treatment: BOUTIQUE)
    • Teeth Whitening £575 (Enlighten)
  • Fillings
  • £ 90
    Price dependant on number of surfaces treated
    • Composite (tooth coloured): Anterior(front) £90 to £140
    • Composite (tooth coloured): Posterior(back) £140.00 to £190.00
  • Extractions
  • £ 109
    • Simple Extraction £109
    • Surgical Extraction £185
    • Complex Extraction (wisdom teeth) from £279

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