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Karthik Sundaram, dually qualified clinician with special interest in oral surgery, Joins Clinically Advanced Peterborough Practice

Karthik Sundaram, Lecturer and recognised authority in the dental sector joins WeCare Dental Peterborough in September, now offering patients over 20 Oral Surgery procedures 

He’s caring and gentle, multi-skilled and renowned in his field. 

INTRODUCING KARTHIK SUNDARAM who is a dually qualified clinician with special interest in oral surgery

Growing up in India, in the 70s and 80s, Karthik Sundaram’s most cherished memories are of food and sport. Both, he says, were indulgences. 

It was in his third year of studying dentistry that he realised he was passionate about the field. So, after qualifying with a BDS in 1995, he continued studying, and obtained a masters degree in maxillofacial surgery in 1999. Then, in 2001 the Royal College of Surgeons of England awarded him a  Fellowship in Dental Surgery.  In 2004, he passed the international qualifying exam and gained his GDC registration. And as if this wasn’t enough, Karthik also has a degree in medicine from the University of Leeds. 

 Karthik has extensive experience and training in oral and maxillofacial surgery at various hospitals. He undertakes head and neck skin cancer reconstructive surgery, facial trauma, dentoalveolar surgery and salivary gland surgery.

He’s also passionate about ongoing learning and research and lectures in oral and maxillofacial surgery. Then there’s his work as a peer reviewer for the esteemed International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. 

He has also  completed the Cambridge foundation course on Implantology. 

Karthik has made a home in Peterborough with his wife and daughter. 

He brings 26 years of experience, knowledge and expertise to WeCare Dental in Peterborough.

What are you renowned for at the practice?


For a start, Karthik Sundaram is renowned for being a caring surgeon who takes great pride in being extremely gentle and diligent. He is particularly excellent with nervous patients and offers treatment under IV sedation. He’s the winner of the ‘Good Practice Award’ from the British dental association in 2009.  

He welcomes patients who are experiencing a range of Oral and Maxillofacial surgery issues. 

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When would you need an Oral Surgeon? 

The  most common treatments requiring  an expert oral surgeon are: 

Removal of impacted wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth can sometimes become impacted due to lack of space. They can become symptomatic on their own or cause oral hygiene issues to adjacent teeth. We can perform impacted wisdom tooth removal under a local anesthetic and sedation at WeCare Dental Peterborough.  

Root apical surgery

Root apical surgery (also known as surgical endodontics) may be required when the pulpal system at the centre of a tooth has become damaged or infected. The procedure is performed under magnification.  

Complex extractions

Some, more complex tooth extractions may require the skills of an Oral Surgeon. Removal of buried roots

When the loss of a tooth is brought about by decay or accident, some or all of the tooth roots can remain buried in the jaw bone and gums with a possibility of a risk of infection and pain. You may be referred to our  Oral Surgeon for retained root removal surgery. 

Treatment of jaw cysts

Mr Karthik Sundaram is experienced in both the diagnosis and removal of jaw cysts.   

Minor orthodontic Surgery

Orthodontic procedures at our clinic involve the correction and prevention of teeth irregularities or deformities.  

Removal and biopsy of lesions of the mouth

Mouth lesions are areas of the mouth that have been damaged either through injury or by disease and can be painful. Sometimes removal and biopsy are recommended. 

Mouth ulcers

We strongly recommend that our dental team review mouth ulcers that fail to recover after 3 weeks. Our Oral Surgeon can treat some longer-term mouth ulcers with permanent and effective results and follow up hygiene appointments. 

Lichen planus

Lichen planus and Lichenoid reactions are auto immune / chronic inflammatory conditions that present as a mixture of red and white patches or a white striations in the mouth. When you visit our clinic, our Oral Surgeon may recommend a small biopsy to ascertain a correct diagnosis before discussing treatment options for lichen planus.

Treatment for burning mouth syndrome

The symptoms of burning mouth syndrome (BMS) are often described as: a sore mouth, a bitter taste or a burning sensation. Contributory factors to BMS include nutritional deficiencies, menopause, diabetes,  depression or anxiety and the exclusion diagnosis of Oral dysesthesia. 

Treatment for orofacial pain

Chronic orofacial pain can have many causes and may include pain in the head and neck regions as well as pain in the mouth. Mr.Sundaram has considerable experience in identifying the causes of orofacial pain and recommending treatment to either deal with the reason for pain or alleviate it. 

Dry mouth

Dry mouth (Xerostomia) can cause additional complications such as soreness in the mouth, halitosis, an altered sense of taste, tooth decay and gum disease. If this becomes a problem for you please consult our Oral Surgeon who will be able to offer dry mouth help and advice.

Excess saliva advice and treatment

Hyper-salivation or the production of excess saliva can be an indicator of a more serious, underlying health problem but there are recommended treatments that can help with this irritating and sometimes debilitating problem.  

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Which treatments are popular right now?

We’re seeing a lot of demand for aesthetic and dental implant procedures.

See more about our dental implants and facial aesthetics



What advice would you give patients prior and post the procedures?

My consultation with the patient will be interactive and I’ll give a clear explanation of the treatment. Then we’ll discuss the risks and benefits of the treatment where applicable. I always give comprehensive advice about common post-operative consequences and likely symptoms, pain management and potential recovery periods.

The treatment plans will be formulated on recent medical literature and evidence, along with National guidelines. Most importantly, the approach at WeCare Dental is patient-centric. 


How do you deal with nervous patients?

There are two components to anxious patients; The first is pain, which I can take care of and then there’s psychological fear, which we can deal with together. It’s best to think of it as a symbiotic relationship between dental expert and patient. I’m also confident that we have the means to deal with most scenarios at WeCare  Dental. 


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Dentistry has changed radically over the past few decades – what is the most significant change you’ve seen when comparing the dental experiences of your childhood to those you’ve experienced or witnessed at WeCare Dental?

It has to be the level of professionalism and technological expertise – at WeCare Dental these factors are right up there.  

What new tech in your practice impresses you most?

It’s the fact that WeCare Dental embraces  a comprehensive, modern, multimodal, dental management approach. Their  offerings  of clinically advanced dental and oral surgery, plus facial aesthetic treatments  are completely in line with my own vision.

Check out next-level dentist’s technology.


What makes WeCare Dental different?

It’s their clearly honest , professional and evidence-based approach. 

Full list of oral surgery offered by WeCare Dental Peterborough

We have an unparalleled level of expertise and experience in a wide range of oral surgery procedures. Please find below our further list of the surgical procedures that our Oral Surgeon, Mr.Sundaram and his team can offer: 

·   Surgical removal of impacted/buried teeth

·   Surgical removal complicated buried roots

·   Coronectomy

·   Surgical Endodontics/Apicectomy

·   Surgical Orthodontics/Exposure of teeth

·   Enucleation of cysts of jaw

·   Biopsy/Excision of lesion of mouth including the lips, tongue and palate

·   Pre prosthetic surgery including ridge augmentation procedures

·   Closure/repair of oro-antral fistulae

·   Removal of stone/calculus from salivary gland proximal duct

·   Biopsy of minor salivary gland (labial gland biopsy)

·   Ankylotomy (tongue tie release) in new borns

·   Bone grafting for implants

·   Intra oral laser surgery

·   Concious Sedation

·   Dental Implants

·   Diagnosis and Management of white patches in the mouth

·   Diangnosis and Management (or further referral) of other lesions in the mouth.

·   TMJ dysfunction – diagnosis and non-surgical management

·   Botulinum Toxin for myofascial pain

·   Facial pain – diagnosis and management

·   Salivary gland disease (Major salivary gland surgery has to be undertaken in hospital)


karthik, sundaram, oral, surgeon, surgery, maxillofacial, wecare, dental, peterborough, team, authority, lecturer, royal, college, degree, medicine


Karthik Sundaram 




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