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Paula Cartey, Dental Nurse on Peterborough’s Favourite Dentist

We chatted to dental nurse and receptionist, Paula Cartey on why WeCare Dental is Peterborough’s favourite dentist and how to keep your smile healthy

Nothing pleases Paula Cartey more than seeing how happy patients are after treatments at Peterborough’s favourite dentist, WeCare Dental. 



Growing up in Peterborough, Paula Cartey’s favourite memories were made with family. She found her passion for dental nursing 30 years ago and it hasn’t waned. “I just love being in Dentistry,” says Paula. She loves meeting new people and seeing how happy they are when they have had treatment.

Paula works as a receptionist and dental nurse at WeCare Dental In Peterborough. Her favourite time of the day is right at the start, getting ready to open the surgery to welcome patients.

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Which treatment are currently gaining popularity right now?

We see a lot of interest in dental implants and Teeth-In-A-Day is very popular.


What advice would you offer to nervous patients?

I find just talking to the patient in a calm manner and continually reassuring them really works. I always assure them they’re in great hands with our founders Drs Morne Williams and Wayne Carolissen. See our interviews with WeCare co-founders Dr Wayne Carolissen and the always-smiling Dr Morne Williams.

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What’s the worst mistake people make when it comes to oral/dental care?

People don’t spend enough time actually brushing their teeth. They also neglect flossing.

 Your top tip/s for healthy teeth and gums?

I recommend cleaning your teeth twice a day for 3 minutes with an Oral B electric toothbrush and using Oral B toothpaste. And it’s essential to floss daily. 



Dentistry has changed radically over the past few decades – what is the most significant change you’ve seen when comparing the dental experiences of your childhood to those you’ve experienced or witnessed at WeCare Dental?


Well, for a start, when I was a child, dentists never wore gloves and masks. But, the biggest change is the latest technology. Read more about WeCare’s latest equipment

What is the most impressive state-of-the-art technology currently offered by WeCare Dental?


We have the Cerec machine which makes a crown or inlay for the patient during the same appointment. There are also digital X-Rays, and CT Scans in 3D. Read here about our dental treatments



In your opinion, what makes WeCare Dental different?

WeCare do actually care! Every member of the team is very passionate about the work we do and will go the extra mile for patients’ satisfaction.

paula,cartey, wecare, dental, peterborough, dentist, favourite, nurse, receptionist


Paula Cartey 

Receptionist/Dental nurse

Meet the WeCare Dental Nursing Team.

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