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Referring Patients to Wecare Dental Surgery

We welcome patient referrals for Implant treatment, CT scanning, Facial Aesthtics and Teeth-in-a-day treatments.

Facial Aesthetic Referrals

Facial threading lifts. Rejuvenating treatments. Lips, nose and cheeks. Looking young and rejuvenated has never been easier. With our in-house practitioner, WeCare Dental offers some of the best facial aesthetics treatments done right here in our Peterborough surgery.

Implant Referrals

Why Trim Down Your Natural Teeth When You Can Place a Permanent Implant That Can Last a Lifetime.

Replace a single tooth or multiple teeth. A better longer-lasting option is to place one implant to enable you to chew again without damaging your adjacent teeth.

Teeth-in-a-day Referrals

Get teeth that you don’t have to remove, stay in permanently, and don’t cover all your gums. This is a unique procedure that involves only 4 implants per arch to get a FULL set of teeth. These are just some pictures of what we CAN do, but more importantly I would love to see how I can help YOU. Let’s chat in the office!

CT-Scan Referrals

The Newest 3D Technology That Can Make Porcelain Crowns, Inlays, Onlays, And Veneers In One Visit. We take an IMAGE of your tooth with a special mini-camera. We design your tooth on the computer screen in front of you while you watch. Your tooth gets made in our 3D Printer in the practice.

For specialist dental services in Peterborough like this one, you can always come to WeCare Dental first – the No 1 new dentist in Peterborough.

Also, discover more about WeCare Dental, our superior dentist equipment and technology and see our best-value dentist prices in Peterborough.

Get top 10 dental insights includes treatments, tech and tips on oral care from Dr Wayne Carolissen.