WeCare Dental provides a comprehensive list of services across the board to ensure that you are empowered to look after your teeth and care for you smile.
Thurs: 8:00 - 18:00
Fri & Sat: 8:00 - 14:00
Sun & Public Holidays: Closed

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NEW: 19 Opinions On What Makes WeCare Dental Different

We chat  to 19  professionals at WeCare Dental to find out what they really think about this dental practice in Peterborough.

These dental professionals have hundreds of years of experience between them and they’ve seen all sorts of dental practices. So, we asked them what makes WeCare Dental different. Here’s what they said

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Wayne Carolissen Dentist/ Co-Founder WeCare Dental

Everything about WeCare Dental is different – from the excellent, caring staff and best technology to the comprehensive list of specialist treatments we offer.

 Morné Williams Dentist/ Co- Founder WeCare Dental

The difference is that at WeCare Dental, we make it  our MISSION is to care for you,  and our VISION is to care for your teeth!!!

Karthik Sundaram Dually qualified clinician with special interest in oral surgery

For me, what sets WeCare Dental apart is their honest , professional and evidence-based approach

Yusuf Parker Associate Dental Surgeon

The difference is in the time, effort, and investment made by WeCare Dental in order to show and prove to patients and staff that they really do care.

Abduraghmaan Charles Dentist

WeCare Dental is a truly family-orientated practice that caters to the well-being of both patients and staff alike.


Christian Hoffmann

It’s in the name, caring about the patients, having empathy for them and treating them fairly – that’s the difference.

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Karen Rigluth – Receptionist: 

The WeCare Dental team don’t just clock in and out for a paycheck, they all genuinely care about what they do and want to do it to the very best of their ability.

Helen Stocks – Lead receptionist 

We Care offers the very best care at the best price.

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Zaneta Selmaj Czepita Dental Nurse

In my opinion, the difference is in digital dentistry, the fact that WeCare Dental is a paperless practice, it has a very friendly environment and the people who work here make all the difference too.

Zivile Trakaimaite – Dental Nurse

At WeCare Dental, we’re passionate and motivated to help people. Each staff member is self-driven and brings different positive traits to the team so we’re able to provide the best service possible.

Paula Cartey – Receptionist/ Dental nurse

At WeCare Dental we do actually care and are very passionate about our work and will go the extra mile for patient’s satisfaction.

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Becky Fisher Practice Manager/ Dental Nurse

WeCare Dental is different to other dental practices in my eyes; even though we are newly established, we are like a family, with so many years of experience in dentistry between us all. We are able to provide excellent dental health care for everyone and we will be forever learning and growing our skills to achieve best practice!

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Stephanie Ellard Dental Hygienist

We are friendly, family focused practice and at WeCare Dental, we care about you.

Rebecca Dean Dental Hygienist 

The difference is: We Care…

We Care about people

We Care about dentistry

We Care about providing a great service.

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Hygienists Stephanie Ellard and Rebecca Dean

Ritu Belbase Dental Nurse

The difference at WeCare Dental is about friendly, caring staff, modern equipment and painless treatment.  

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Abi Clarke Receptionist

The building and practice is so lovely and we hope people feel relaxed as soon as they come in the door. The level of dentistry is also the best I’ve seen.

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Charlotte Usher, Dental Nurse

The difference when it comes to WeCare Dental is that we actually care for our patients

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Megan Winterman Dental nurse

WeCare has a team of supportive and caring people who are willing to go out of their way and stay after hours for patients to suit their needs. WeCare makes the dental experience as easy as possible for the patients and most reassuring. With high technology it makes treatments easier and more effective.

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Monika Klusek-Kozlowska Dental Nurse

WeCare Dental is a forward-looking practice with the latest technology and all the options currently available on the dental market. We care for the patient in the broadest sense of the word, offering the widest range of treatments including general dentistry, facial aesthetic, orthodontic treatment, facial and jaw surgery, implants and patient sedation. WeCare puts the patient’s well-being above all else, taking care of the smallest detail.

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Katherine Ludlow 

WeCare Dental has the latest and best technology and the friendliest staff.

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