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Zivile Trakimaite’s Top Dental Insights, Trends And Tips

Experienced dental nurse, Zivile Trakimaite on dentistry now, including trending treatments, tips for nervous patients and why spitting out toothpaste beats rinsing

Country girl at heart, dental nurse Zivile Trakimaite is all about good old-fashioned values. This means patients come first. But she’s also a wiz with tech, particularly the CEREC machine. We chatted to her at WeCare Dental Peterborough. 


Zivile Trakimaite  grew up in a small Lithuanian village and spent summer holidays at her grandparent’s house in the countryside. Get to know her and you’ll soon find out that she adores her parents and older sister. And, her family is equally devoted to her. Also, Zivile is happily engaged to a man she says supports her through thick and thin. 

Give her a magic wand and she says she’d eradicate childhood illnesses and abuse in one swoop.

Zivile brings 7 years of practical experience in the dental sector to WeCare Dental, Peterborough. She’s qualified with a NEBDN diploma in dental nursing.  And,  her colleagues know her as the person with the expert knowledge of the CEREC milling unit. 

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Which treatments are popular right now?

There is a lot of demand for orthodontics, and facial aesthetics is really growing too.

Which age groups are seeking these treatments?

We see patients ranging in age from 13 to 70



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What’s your advice to nervous patients?


Take it slow, one step at a time and never give up on fighting your fears.

What advice would you give patients prior and post the procedures in which you specialise?

Prior, I’d say you should always ask questions about the procedure so you fully understand all the pros and cons. Post procedure, don’t stop looking after your teeth and gums and always follow the instructions given. Most importantly, please ask if you’re  not sure.


How has dentistry changed over the years? 

Dentists are more gentle and understanding now. Also, new technologies help both patients and dentists to achieve best possible results.


What new tech in your practice impresses you most?

That would be the CEREC equipment. Now patients can get their crowns/inlays done in less than a couple of hours. It means no more horrible impressions, and no need to come back to finish the treatment. However, this is only one of many more technologies available at WeCare Dental.


Check out next-level dentist’s technology.



What makes WeCare Dental different?

At WeCare Dental, the team is  passionate and  motivated to actually help people. Each of our staff is self-driven and brings different positivities to the team. I believe this is how we’re able to provide the best service possible.


Your top tips for healthy teeth and gums?

Brush teeth twice a day, and spit, don’t rinse immediately after brushing. This allows the fluoride remaining in your mouth to do its job and strengthen the tooth enamel. Fluoride also helps to reduce the amount of acid the bacteria in your mouth produce. 

 Don’t forget to have regular dental/ oral hygiene visits.

What’s the worst mistake people make when it comes to oral/dental care?

 I see people running into trouble because they avoid acting on dental problems. It’s a mistake to think that the problem will just go away.  

Need a dentist in Peterborough? WeCare Dental are open during lockdown 2 with stringent Covid-19 safety measures. 

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